Henri Wulgaert

Henri Wulgaert
  • Born: 1894 or 1895, Eeklo
  • Married to Unknown Unknown
  • Died: ?
  • Occupation: weaver
  • Reference: Ellis Island Records

    Henri Wulgaert lived in Halluin (10, Rue de L'alma), Nord Pas de Calais, France. On 21 April 1920, at the age of 26 he departed with the Lapland from Antwerpen, Belgium. He arrived on 1 May 1920 on Ellis Island, New York. The Ellis Island records indicated that he was married. He already had a relative in the US - Mr. De Clercq, an uncle who lived on 1230 Naplstreet, Flint, Michigan

    This is a condensed translation from André Kint, Robert Vervoort, De Red Star Line, Antwerpens Vergane Glorie, p. 98/99: Built 1908 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast. Was the flag ship of the line during many years. Had the appearance of her sister ships [Samland, Gothland, Poland]but was substantially larger. 17,540 tons, but rebuilt in 1920 and brought to 18,565 tons. Length 185 meter, breadth 21 meter. Speed 17 knots. Passengers: 450 first, 400 second, 1500 third class. Left Antwerp 10 Apr 1909 for new York via Dover. Was at that time the largest Belgian ship. Becomes English in view of the coming war. During the war the ship plied for the White Star Line. Dammaged in 1917 but could reach a port at her own strength. After repairn was used for troop transport. After the war she was used in the line between Liverpool and New York, and between Southampton and New York. After some years the great emigration era was over. In 1927 the ship was adapted to carry only one class of passengers. This could not save the situation, neither the organization of cruises in the Mediterranean. Sold in 1933 to Japan for scrapping. Citation: [Posted to The ShipsList by Georges. Picavet - 17 April 1998]

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