Bernardus WulgaertFrancisca Jolie

Dominic WulgaertStephania Caus

Cecilia Wulgaert

l i n k s
Children with:
Frank Van Eyck

Elisabeth (Liza) Wulgaert
Charles Wulgaert
Edward F Wulgaert
Alvina Wulgaert
Joseph Wulgaert
Celina (Lena) Wulgaert
Agnes Wulgaert
Marie Wulgaert

Paul Van Eyck
Cyrillus Van Eyck
Agnes Van Eyck
Cecilia Wulgaert
  • Born: 1898
  • Married ca 1916 to Frank Van Eyck
  • Died: 1933
  • Reference:, Mike Hammen,,, 1930 US Census Records

    According to the 1930 US Census Records Cecilia was 18 when married
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