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Tim Wulgaert

That's me, the author of this site. In the early end of 90s and early 00s, I continued the work of my aunt Rosemie (see below) on the Wulgaert family tree, and started to explore the first resources that became available online. This led to the first version of this website, and a huge expansion of the family tree. The birth of my children, and the take-up of my career meant that I had to pause my research. However, in 2020 I picked it up again. Using the data-analytic, OSINT and online-search skills I gained from my professional career, I explored the vast amount of new information and data that had become available online. Next to that, I also was able to leverage and integrate the research that Jurgen Wulgaert had performed (see below) during my long research-break.
At same time, the research also expanded, and while the main focus remained the Wulgaert name, I also started to explore full pedigree from the point of view of my daughters. So, all their ancestors in both male as female lineage.


Wulgaert family tree

Rosemie Wulgaert

My aunt Rosemie started it all in the 80s by creating the first tree, representing the Zomergem branch. Back then that meant talking to the eldest relatives and diving into paper archives of the local towns.

Jurgen Wulgaert

During the period that I lacked the time, Jurgen started to get interested in genealogy. Leveraging the data already available from Rosemie and my research, he further expanded and deepened the research, and was also able to connect many of the unmatched branches.


Also a special thanks to all those that contacted me over the years and provided additional input into their Wulgaert branch and ancestors: Michael Wulgaert, Joe Wulgaert, Mike Hammen, Jo Van Wymeren-Heraly and Chris Sarnowski.


De Smet and Stevens family trees

Hilde, Magda and Frank De Smet

Photos and records of Hilde, Magda and Frank De Smet provided great insights in the De Smet and Stevens family trees.


Duyck and Vermeersch family trees

Marianne Duyck and Lieven Goethals

Photos and records received from Marianne Duyck (and originally collected by her son Lieven Goethals) provided a great source of additional information and documentation for the Duyck and Vermeersch family trees.